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Nambar's Moving Day

Our Sawdust JC's Nambar (aka Harvest Host HaRVey) is headed for his new Harvest Hosts home in Bowling Green, KY. We will miss this beautiful gray at our ranch. Thank you Kristian Thordarson for the transport to KY.



AG Day at Lahontan Elementary School

check out the link below.

2024 Updates

Wow, I don't know where the time goes lately.  Seems like we had our last cria of the year a few days ago but no.  Sawdust's Albizia (AKA Moose) was born 10/4/23 - 10 days after Sawdust's Tulip.  Moose is about twice the size of miss Tulip.  Linden (born 5/12/23) and Moose have joined the yearling-2 year old boys now.  

We are again getting ready to take a few boys to a show. This time Great Wester

Work in Progress


As you know, we are 5 acres of sand and sage brush in the middle of the desert. So, we have been trying to slowly remove sage brush and add some shrubbery and trees to different areas. And we have added some alphalt shavings to the drive way. Fortunately we have super helpful neighbors that are willing to help remove sage brush, mow, etc. We have great neighbors!

There is an area between the street and the girls pens that is approximately 150 ft. wide by 100 ft

First Cria of 2023

Our first cria (baby) of the year was born on 5/12/23 at 9:50 AM. Another MALE!!!! But, gosh, is he cute. Lots of crimpy fiber, good conformation. Up and going in about an hour. But that 18.8 pounds of cria wore his mom, Alpaca Palace's Houdini's Countess out. She was tired and sore for awhile.

Today Zinger 1 of 2023 is an independent little guy. He can often be found up by the barn while Mom is in the girls pens. Or he will be running around with Karri and Limba (both 7 mont

Great Western Alpaca Show Updates

Well, we did it. We took our 5 juvenile males, 2 - 3 year old and 1 - 2 year old male to a double show - Great Western Alpaca Show (GWAS) and the Rocky Mountain Alpaca Showcase (RMAS) in Denver, CO. Leaving here on April 26th and arriving in Denver the afternoon of the 27th for Vet check, Color check and get set up. Don and Julie Roy flew from their home in CA to help us at this event. Glenn's brother, Paul, drove from Helena, MT to alpaca sit while we were gone. Also coming to help Paul a

Great Western Alpaca Show

We are excited to be going to Denver next week to participate in the Great Western Alpaca Show/Rocky Mountain Alpaca Showcase - a double show - to be held 4/28-4/30/23. We have not both been to a show since 2017 when we attended this same show.

We are taking 8 of our boys. 5 are 6 and 7 months old, 1 is 2 and the other 2 are almost 3 years old. We will be participating in several classes.
First will be Walking Fleece. This has your alpaca walking to a fiber judge who will

2023 - February

Where to start is the question. But here goes!

Harvest Hosts has been much slower than last year at this time. Weather and the economy, we are hearing, has had a big impact on travelers. We are thankful for those who have braved both to come visit with us.

Our 7 crias born in the latter part of 2022 are growning so much. Miss Karri, the only girl, keeps the boys on their toes.

We ordered a new 12/x20' building to store products and skirt fiber after shearin

What's Happening on the Ranch

So many things going on lately!!

September 27th and 29th saw the birth of 2 male crias. Snow Diamond Felicity gave birth to a 17 lb. male that the sponsors named Zebrano. Sire is Alpaca Palace's Zinger. (This is their 2nd year to sponsor Miss Felicity so we decided to let them pick a name from a list of wood names that we provided).

On the 29th, Joey's Stargazer Lilly, our 14 year old mom gave birth to a male that we named Sawdust's Babanus out of Sawdust's Almond Thun

Cria time

Our first Cria arrived 9/27/22. A 15.3 pound boy born to Snow Diamond Felicity and Alpaca Palace's Zinger. And boy does he look like Zinger. Glenn is calling him Little Z for now. The sponsor parents are working on a name this weekend.

The second cria of the season is a 16.5 pound male born to Joey's Stargazer Lilly and Sawdust's Almond Thunder. Both are doing well.

The crias are so much fun to watch in the pens. Little Z stays close to mom while Little Thunder is

National Alpaca Farm Days 22

It's time again for National Alpaca Farm Days. Plan to join us this weekend September 24 and 25th, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to see alpacas up close. Check out the fiber they produce and the products made with alpaca fiber.

Dummy Foal Syndrome

Sawdust's Holly  as of 1/15/22

I was asked today about one of our crias (babies) that had this condition.  So here is what I have learned:

Neonatal Maladjustment Syndrome in Foals (commonly referred to as Dummy Foal Syndrome) is normally attributed to horses.  However, other animals can also have a form of this condition.

Our Sawdust's Holly was born May 29, 2021, weighing 14.6 lbs.  She appeared to be fine when born but within a short period of time, she f

Meet Miss Holly

Sawdust’s Holly was born on May 29, 2021 at 7 P.M. She weighed 14.3 ponds at birth. (Alpaca Mom’s usually have their cria (baby) between 9 A.M and 2 P.M. In the high Andes mountains this gives the cria a chance for the fiber to dry. Unlike other animals, alpaca moms are not able to dry their cria off so they have to dry naturally). We soon discovered that Miss Holly had some serious medical issues – in a horse it is called Dummy Foal Syndrome (you will have to look that up). Since it was M

National Alpaca Farm Days

Sawdust Alpacas LLC will be participating in National Alpaca Farm Days. This is an annual event across the US the last weekend of September where individual farms welcome visitors to come meet alpacas.

When: September 25 and 26th, 2021
Time: 10 a.m to 4 pm
Where: 4270 Equestrian Drive
Fallon, NV 89406
Phone: 775-830-2992 or 775-830-2994
email: [email protected]
[email protected]

New "Stuff"

Geez, Don't know where to start. So much going on here at Sawdust Alpacas.

The Store building was delivered Mid March. We used alpaca fiber to insulate the walls, then put visqueen over that. Next came the sheet rock on the ceiling and walls. We then put in all the electrical outlets, boxes for the ceiling lights and fan.

April - we took a trip to Bend OR to pick up furnishings from the store that were donated to us by our friends at Snow Diamond Alpacas. When we got

Sawdust Alpacas Store Update

Well, we had our Farm Store (Barn) Raising event on March 20, 2021. We had a great time online (Zoom) and want to thank every one who attended, purchased or donated to our cause. We have purchased Sherwin Williams paint in their new color - ALPACA. How cool is that. We also have purchased lights and the flooring and have some money left for whatever.

We have the store insulation completed with our 2nd and 3rd from prior years shearing. Visqueen over that, sheet rock. Now we are

Join Us for our Farm Store (Barn) Raising

Sawdust Alpacas
and Shop Alpaca Online

Alpaca Products for a Worthy Cause
Join the Waddell's for an old-fashioned “Barn Raising” via Zoom!

In this case, you will be helping Glenn and Carolyn “raise” their new Farm Store filled with popular alpaca products. They have been bursting at the seams with handmade and Peruvian-made products in their living room, office, and garage. Instead of offering labor, your purchases and generous donations

Farm Store (Barn) Raising

FUNd Raiser!!!

WHEN: March 20, 2021 3 PM PDT (6PM EDT)

WHO: Glenn & Carolyn Waddell, with AlpacaJulie

WHERE: Online, from the comfort of your home

We will have a selection of assorted, luxurious alpaca products

Sawdust Alpacas Store

We are getting a Store!! After 3 years of the store being in our living room, office and garage, we will finally be able to have all our products in one place. You can't know how excited we are.

The building will be delivered the end of February. Then Glenn and I (mostly Glenn) will finish the interior with sheetrock, lights, heat, flooring etc. Lot of work to get ready for customers.

On March 20th, we will have a FARM STORE RAISING event. it will be online at about


SEPTEMBER 2020 CRIAS. SAWDUST ALPACAS is excited to have these new crias. 2 males and 2 females on the ranch. all registered named and microchipped. Visitors are always welcome


SAWDUST ALPACAS has several yearling boys. Great Genetics. Visitors are always welcome!

Farm Visits are OPEN!

Sawdust Alpacas is open for farm visits, usually after 10am till 3pm. We have new crias on the ground and more coming in September and October. The October crias are due on Carolyn's birthday, October 23. Lets hope this actually happens! We have new products in our store and the Fiber Mill at Black Rock Mountains Alpacas is doing great. We are even processing Yak, (an animal, and the fiber is combed out from under the outside coat) from several different ranches. Check out or web

We Have Moved

Sawdust Alpacas has finally moved from Reno to Fallon NV. All alpacas are now with us in their new home. We upgraded the land from 2 acres to 5. We have had to start the building process anew as we had to leave all our shelters, fencing etc with our Reno facility.

We have temporary shelters and pens for all alpacas. We will be designing new areas for them soon. Alpacas are pretty well situated right now. Wish we could say the same for the house. Lots of stuff to unpack, put u


It's been a busy wet winter in the High Desert of Nevada. With all the snow and rain, heavy run off, and all the water pools near here at Swan Lake. It's a clay bed and holds the water forever, or until it evaporates. Some of our neighbors have lost their septic and water well systems. We are just outside the flood zone so we are ok for now. FEMA finally got involved and funding 5 miles of flood barriers around the lake bed and the contractor will be able to pump out the lo lying areas

July Happenings

July 11,2016 Shearing and Mentoring
We had some folks that had acquired an older Alpaca with a horse as a buddy come over here for shearing. I sheared, trimmed toes and his teeth. I also found a fighting tooth that I trimmed off with OB wire. Checked for any microchip and their was none, Gave 2cc CD&t subQ for herd health. He weighed in at 220 pounds. His body score was good but we decided to cut out the grain with the grass hay. He is used as a pet and and has a very good temperam


Glenn & Carolyn Waddell
10675 Chesapeake Drive
Reno, NV 89506
775-830-2992 885-830-2994
[email protected] [email protected]

Sawdust Alpacas are very excited with the purchase of SNOW DIAMOND FELICITY, ARI # 32810820. DOB July 25,2014. She is a gorgeous Rose Grey from Sire ATV ADONNIS and Dam CRESCENT MOON'S FELICA. Both are well established alpacas and their offspring are very much sot after. ADONNIS passed away l