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Proud herdsire!!!
| Herdsire (Male) | Proven | Light Brown

Kohana is from one of the finest fleece lines at Alpacas de la Patagonia, and is half-brother to 8 times RC/CC and 2013 AOBA National Champion, Celio. Kohana's Dam is Chiachina, a Vinci daughter. Vinci is Patagonia's blue ribbon winning white herdsire out of Nishio. Nishio was the 2004 All-American Herdsire and the 2007 Reserve All-American Herdsire. Kohana's sire is Lennox, an 8-time color champion, ranking in the top .5% of all animals biopsied for follicle testing by Dr. Evans Past show comments include: judge Wade Gease, Alpacapalooza 2011. : "It's impressive that at nearly two years of age this male carries forward this kind of fineness and density." We have had mostly brown crias from Kohana and dams. But Rose Gray is a possibility from Danko (Grandsire). While his fiber is not as fine as some of our others it still makes nice yarn, or whatever you choose to use it for. Kohana is almost 12 years old but last year he is still at 22.8 microns. Talk about fineness. and we love the color. Kohana keeps producing beautiful crias for us. Meet Sawdust's Meranti. Born 5/30/18, she weighed 18.2 lbs and is a live wire. HISTOGRAM: afd=19.7m, sd=4.4m, cv=22.3%, >30=1.3% at two years of age!

| Male | Unproven | White

When Carolyn saw TYRION, she said WOW. A beautiful head, perfect confirmation and Phenotype. Very good crimp style and bundling. He will be a great addition to our herd. I am anxious to see what he can produce for us. Tyrion is a descendent of Crescent Moon's Ezekial Challenger . His dam is Shasta Daisy whose mom was an Import from Chile. Add to his geneology, a compact frame, and nice fiber for a great male to work for you. We do NOT have crias from Tyrion yet on this farm and we don't know the history before he came to us. We have used him as a breeder for the first time so we do not have pertinent information yet for that breeding. Stay tuned!

| Male | Unproven | True Black

SAWDUST'S CAMEROON DOB 9/10/2020 is getting to be quite the guy. He has wonderful fiber, great confirmation and very active. His sire, 4-Sight's Stallone brought some exquisite qualities in this young man. Both 4-Sight's Stallone and Sawdust's Jessinia are smaller in stature than some of the others on our property. Cam is a pretty calm little guy and enjoys his year younger buddy, Sawdust's Koko. 4/23 Cam is growing into quite a handsome guy. His true black, dense fiber is so soft to handle! He has great bone structure from both his sire and dam as well as their great genetics. We are taking him to the Great Western Alpaca Show/Rocky Mountain Alpaca Showcase shows in Denver, CO the end of April, 2023. Cam did well in the show - winning 2nd in halter in each show and 3rd in the walking fleece show. Cameroon will bring great genetics, confirmation and fiber to your breeding program. .

| Male | Proven | White

A STUNNING male, HIGH COTTON, White and bright. Look at those curls. We were surprised to have a white coming from Snowmass Illuminescence , Beige and her sire Snowmass Blackout, TB and the sire Alpaca Palace's Zinger Med Fawn. He looks like Cotton doesn't he? We are hoping to take him to a show or 2 in 2021. Definitely be entering fleece shows. We are so pleased with this little guy. Cotton is a Snowmass phenotype for sure. Short nose, lots of fiber on his head. Great conformation and a very calm disposition. Cotton will be great genetics and fiber to your herd. 4/13/23 Cotton is a now proven herdsire!!! He climbed OVER a 4 ft fence to get to the girls. Snow Diamond Felicity is now confirmed pregnant and due this fall. This should be a beautiful cria with Felicity being silver gray and Cotton a white. We will be expecting great things from this pair. 4/23 Cotton will be representing us and his herdsire and dam at the Great Western Alpaca Show/Rocky Mountain Alpaca Showcase where he is entered into several evemts. We expect he will do well. So Stay Tuned.

A Thunder Boy
| Yearling Male | Unproven | Dark Rose Grey, Bay Black

What a big guy KOKO is! Born 5/29/21 (2 weeks early) weight of 17.8 lbs. As of 6/28, 21 he weighs 30.2 lbs. KOKO's Sire is Sawdust's Almond Thunder (ARI 352222385) out of Sunset Hills Golden Thunder. Mom is WP Zora (ARI 35420422) our of WP Verticase's Vector and Grand River Chalina. Koko has very nice fiber, great conformation and is pretty mellow. He is a joy to watch interacting with the 7 other older pen mates. Koko and his pal, Sawdust's Cameroon, decided to join the 3 and 4 year old males and have been perfectly happy there. Koko and Cam are always side by side. Koko (and Cam) will both be participating in the Great Western Alpaca Show/Rocky Mountain Alpaca Showcase in Denver, CO on 4/28-30/23. We are hoping for good results. Will keep you posted.

| Herdsire (Male) | Proven | White

ZAIRE is one that we are very pleased to have in our herd. What a stand out!! Great bone density, very uniform color and fineness. Superior disposition. His mom, Snowmass Illuminescense, was bred to Snowmass Elite Legend when we bought her. Zaire has become one of our main herdsires the past year or so. We took Zaire to Alpacapalooza in April 2017. He was entered into the fleece show, taking 2nd place at 7 months of age. Judge Sharon Loner wrote on his score card the is fiber is "Very uniform in Color". The rest of his score card shows all categories with above average ratings. Zaire and his sister, Snowmass Lovelight, went to GWAS in May, 2017 where they were entered into Produce of Dam category. Taking 2nd place behind one of the largest farms in the US, Amber Autumn Alpacas, was a great accomplishment for our farm. Zaire placed 2nd in Halter there. .

| Male | Unproven | Medium Fawn | 1/2 Peruvian

SAWDUST'S ZENKERI, DOB 5/21/2019 , MF Zenkeri's Sire is our Immanuel Cuervo Plateado, an Augusto grandson. His Dam is Squire Creek's Rose Pistol, a light rose gray. He takes after his mom, a real pistol, very active but more friendly. Another Augusto boy, very crimpy and consistent fiber throughout. A real joy to have on the ranch. Zenkeri is turning into a stunning male. We are hoping that he will carry on his sires lasting fineness in his fiber. Cuervo, his sire, at the age of 15, still has fiber counts at 23.8 microns.

| Male | Proven | White, Light Fawn | Full Peruvian

CUERVO AT 13 YEARS OLD still has 24 micron fiber. We are sooo pleased with this boy and his lasting fineness. He is the protector guy on the farm and let's us know if there is a problem or stranger on the property. Cuervo is a unique animal with very distinctive facial marking. He has some great ancestry in PPPeruvian Augusto, 4Peruvian Starr Khan. Cuervo is always very correct in stance with tail up, head and ears up with an 'I'm IT" attitude. With his low micron at his age, he will bring lasting fineness to your females. We still get about 8 lbs of fiber at shearing from Cuervo. We have so many offspring from him on our farm and at others. You won't go wrong adding him to your program. Just a note about Cuervo's grandsire: PPPeruvian Augusto was the year 2000 highest selling Huacaya Male at $226,000. At his 3rd shearing Augusto had an incredible 18 pounds of fiber. Cuervo's fiber has averaged about 11 pounds per year. Cuervo has been a great asset to our breeding program. 4/17/2023 Shearing today! Cuervo has a total fiber weight of 6.6 lbs of fiber at the age of 15. Still holding that lasting fineness at 24.6 microns! And he is always still ready for the girls!

Thunder 1 for 22
| Yearling Male | Unproven | Bay Black

Sawdust's Babanus was born 9/29/22 weighing in at 16.5 pounds. Up and going in no time at all. . Babanus is a common name for African Blackwood. Seemed to fit him. He is such a cute little guy! Babanus has dense, crimpy fiber, with good bone structure and conformation thrown into his makeup. His fiber looks pretty brown but actually is very black with hints of brown in it. We think he will be a show winner come spring. Babanus' dam is Joey's Stargazer Lilly (a medium brown) bred to our herdsire, Sawdust's Almond Thunder (also a brown). Babanus takes after his sire in disposition - Usually always calm and friendly around people. Ignore him and he will chew on your shirt to get your attention. Thunder does that too. Update: 4/15/23 - Babanus will be going to the Great Western Alpaca Show/Rocky Mountain Alpaca Showcase in Denver, CO on April 28 - 30, 2023. He will be in several different classes, including one called "Get of Sire" where 3 alpacas from the same sire are judged in the ring at the same time to see how many traits their sire has passed onto them. Obviously, we are hoping he shows well. Babanus was classified as Dark Brown during the color check in for GWAS/RMAS. They did not consider him to be BayBlack He placed 2nd in GWAS Halter, 3rd in the RMAS Halter and 6th in Walking Fleece. Babanus was the youngest alpaca in his color/age class out of 325 registered show alpacas. So we are very pleased with his results. Babanus will definitely be a contender in the next show for us or for you.

| Cria Male | Unproven | Bay Black

10/26/22 This little guy was born at 372 days gestation so he was a little scrunched inside his mom. But Limba is a joy to watch. Very active - the 4th and last of Zinger male Crias for 22. The others keep him on his toes. What a cutie - always has his mouth going whether eating, chewing cud or not! Limba has crimpy fiber that should be great for spinning or other products. He comes with great genetics on both sides of his family. His Sire is Alpaca Palace's Zinger (a Sunset Hills Zagato son and SA Peruvian What's Cooking dam). Limba's Dam is Sawdust's Jessinia who is out of WAP The Black Medallion and Patagoinia's Noelia from Sinopsis Nocturna. He will be a great alpaca for you and your fiber products.

Zinger 3 for 2022
| Yearling Male | Unproven | White

How did we get a White cria? We bred WP Zora (Medium Rose Gray) to Alpaca Palace's Zinger (Medium Fawn) and got a pure white little guy with very crimpy fiber and good conformation. Excellent genetics on both sides of the parents. Cieba was born 10/18/22 and weighed 17.5 pounds. Cold here at night so he has to have a little coat on. He looks so cute. 2023 Show season coming up, he should be old enough to show and we will hope to be able to do that next year. Ceiba is registered in the Great Western Alpaca Show (GWAS) and Rocky Mountain Alpaca Showcase (RMAS) to be held 4/28-4/30/23 in Denver, CO. We are excited to be in this show and see what our results will be. Ceiba and his buddies were the youngest of 325 entries in the shows. So we were happy with the results of each. Ceiba placed 3rd in both halter shows. This young guy has a lot of potential to bring to your farm whether it be fiber or, eventually, as a herdsire.

| Yearling Male | Unproven | Dark Rose Grey

What a joy it was to see a DRG with MBFL CHAKA KHAN, JC's NAMBAR. A real beauty from WP JOHNNY CASH. This little guy has some surperb genetics behind him, including CCNF Man in Black, CCNF Ring of Fire on top and SNOWMASS Enlightenment, SNOWMASS XXXtreme, Kirwin and Crescent Moon's Rayo Del Sol on the bottom. We are very pleased with his confirmation, head style and his fiber bundleling is outststanding. A definate A+ addition to our herd. For the second year, Harvest Host RV Travel has adopted Nambar as their mascot. On their website he is Harvest Host's HaRVey!!!

| Male | Unproven | Bay Black

Sawdust's Kyan (rhymes with Ryan) is a bay black male out of 2AF Zeus and WP Zora. Growing strong with good conformation and fiber. We are liking this guy. Kyan has a great disposition - calm, cool and collected. Very easy to handle.

Zinger 2 for 2022
| Cria Male | Unproven | Light Fawn

We called this guy Zinger 2 until we found a name for him. Zinger 2 became Sawdust's Tabasco. As you know, crias born at Sawdust Alpacas have a wood name. TABASCO is a common name for Prima Vera wood (white Mahagony) from the Honduras. Tabasco was born 10/5/22 weighing a big 19.7 pounds. Big guy!!! More beige than the fawn color of his dad, Alpaca Palace's Zinger. He has very nice crimpy fiber, great conformation. We hope to be able to show him in the spring shows. You get the whole package with this guy - great genetics, conformation, fiber and a calm disposition. I really think he is my favorite one this year! May 3, 2023 Tabasco was entered into the combined show (Great Western Alpaca/Rocky Mountain Alpaca Showcase 4/28-30, 2023. He placed 3rd in all 2 halter shows events - 6th in walking fleece,. Again, out of 325+ alpacas entered, he was next to the youngest showing. Expecting him to perform better at the next show in October.

| Cria Male | Unproven | Light Fawn

ZEBRANO was our first cria of our fall season. He is a magnificent little boy and spitting image of his sire, Alpaca Palace's Zinger, a Zagoto herd sire. Zinger has produced 5 of our crias this fall. All potentially blue ribbon boys and will be outstanding herd sires.

| Male | Medium Fawn

Zitan is a great addition to our ranch. Beautiful fiber (21.8 microns count in 2020), good solid conformation. Zitan's sire is our Kamiak's Kohana who is a Lennox son. Zitan was a First place winner in the walking fleece competition at Alpacapalooza/CABA show at Portland, OR 5/12/18 . Unfortunately, we did not continue to enter him into the show ring. We have, however, sent fiber into fleece shows - most recently TXOLAN Fleece Show in February, 2020 where he placed 3rd. Zitan has been sponsored by the US Navy Carrier Air Wing Division and is nicknamed Shogun. You will find his pictures in lots of areas of the carrier ship USS Abraham Lincoln. Thank you for your service to our country and for your sponsorship. We do appreciate you. Zitan will be a great addition to your herd. We have not used him yet as a herdsire but he does produce nice fiber that we have spun into yarn, and some included in the saddle blankets that we have made to sell in our store. Put him to work for you.