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6-Month Alpaca Sponsorship Program

Sawdust Alpacas Sponsorship Program
Sawdust Alpacas Sponsorship Program - 6 Month

Would you like to own an Alpaca? Don't have a farm or property where you can keep one? Don't have the time or expertise to care for that alpaca?

We have a way for you to fulfill your dream without the commitment and hard work that owning alpacas require.
Select your favorite alpaca to sponsor from one of the four pictured. Or chose any one of our 41 alpacas. The alpaca will remain on our ranch and under our daily care.

For your $175.00 sponsorship fee, your alpaca will be well fed, supplied with mineral supplements, cared for daily, shearing/yearly vaccinations paid for, general husbandry (toes/teeth trimming etc.)

6 Month Alpaca Sponsorship Program to include the following:

sponsorship Certificate for your chosen alpaca
Copy of your chosen alpaca's registration certificate (Alpaca Owners Association Certificate)
Digital Frame-able picture of your adopted alpaca
Monthly Visit (when possible) with your selected alpaca (lend a hand or take selfies) or emailed photo/updates every 6 weeks - two months, if you are not able to visit.
A sample of your alpacas fiber at shearing time - come help if you can.
10% Discount on any items purchased online or in the store during your 6 month adoption period (easily recoup your adoption fees with your purchase)

How to sponsor an alpaca:

1. Visit our Sponsorship Page to select the alpaca of your choice from the 4 alpacas shown. If you fall in love with one not in the sponsorship program, just let us know. We can make it work for you!
2. Complete the attached registration form
3. Complete your purchase thru the store, in person, or online here (if online sponsorship, please fill out the enclosed sponsorship form and email to us
[email protected]

Upon completion of the registration form and payment, your Sponsorship Package will be prepared and emailed to you. If necessary, your Sponsorship Package will be sent via USPS Priority mail.

We really appreciate your support of Sawdust Alpacas.

Terms Of Service
$175.00 Sponsorship fee is for 6 months only. Alpaca remains on our ranch and in our ownership. Your participation in the program will help us continue to ensure that your sponsored alpaca and his/her pen mates are enjoying their life to the fullest. Your contribution is NON REFUNDABLE and does NOT constitute ownership of the alpaca. Please understand that another person may also sponsor the same alpaca as you. If your alpaca is sold during your sponsorship period, you will be able to choose another alpaca for the duration of your sponsorship period.