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Yarn, Yarn and More Yarn


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Shipping will be USPS Priority Mail and in included in the price. Returns will be the responsibility of the buyer provided there is no damage.

Product Specs

  • Natural colored yarns from our alpacas
  • Some might be dyed
  • Occasionally 20% Merino Wool is added for strength and resiliancy
  • Yardage/ounces will vary per skein.

Product Description

Our Alpacas are shorn in May usually. Fiber is then sent to a mill to be spun into yarn. A skein of yarn is usually around 3 ounces (150 - 300 yards per skein).

Prices will vary depending on the quality, weight, and type of yarn (sport, chunky, fingering).

Most skeins are priced at $15.95 to a high of $32.95 per skein. Give us a call to check availability of yarn for your next project.